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It’s my great privilege and opportunity to perform as head at the Department of Law, Northern University Bangladesh. The Department of Law has secured its  name in the field of fame through innovation and change since the birth in 2002. The Department of Law is committed to make a history of making successful stories in every year. It offers greater and more varied opportunities perhaps than any other, opportunities of private usefulness, of public service, of many renowned fields.


As we know Legal professionals plays vital role in the business, economics, politics, the environment, human rights, international relations, international trade and many more. Our commitment is to provide each of these students with an excellent legal education on a par with one of the best Law Department in the world and professional training that combines academic rigor with hands-on, practical experience that will give them the skills needed for successful legal careers. This commitment to excellence begins with our faculty members. The Department is enriched with a set of experienced, energetic and enthusiastic full time faculty members who have achieved law degree from public university of the country and abroad. In addition to, most of the contractual and adjunct faculty members from the prominent Law faculties of the public universities, senior judges, Advocates and persons of different expertise fields have been teaching since the inception of the Department. The success of the law graduates in the bar council examination, BCS, PSC, public and private Bank, are remarkable. The Department of Law always feels proud to mention the success rate in the judiciary and bar council examination which is first among all private universities and fourth among all public universities.    


Our Law courses are very much contemporary and approved by UGC and Bangladesh Bar Council. We offer our students an extensive array of opportunities to immerse themselves in the study of global legal issues through coursework, case study, small group session, clinical education experiences, internships, journals, student groups, joint programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, moot competitions, and international exchanges. So, I believe that students will have the opportunity to enrich themselves with such amenities & ensure a best career in future. I welcome you to join us in this exciting voyage of self-discovery.

Dr. Mohiuddin Md. Alamin

Senior Lecturer & Head

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