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Taking into account, variables such as Economic recessions & growth, the World Wide Web, new uncharted territories into the world of business & many other similar variants has completely changed the face of Law & Order that we see today. Most of these trends help law firms and organizations become more efficient, productive and competitive in a global market. Other trends result from changing demographics, attitudes and work style. Northern University Bangladesh intends to confer law degrees at both graduate & under-graduate levels, embracing these changes, molding future legal professionals with all the necessary tools needed to survive & excel in their professions.

The Department of Law offers a 4-year bachelor degree on 'Bachelor of Laws (Hons)'. To become a graduate in this field one has to complete 136 credits.

Students come to study law with differing aspirations and goals. If you are contemplating pursue a career in law, weighing the merits of becoming a lawyer against another career, path can be daunting. The Department of Law offers a program that prepares students for the future :we are specialized in "Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow." When one come to our Faculty you will be immediately immersed in the creation of the future, be it the practice of law, government, business, or social services.

The NUB Law department offers a curriculum that is rigorous, varied, and practical. Our program provides the foundation for understanding the law, legal ethics and practice. Through critical examination of ideas about law you will gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between law and society and an appreciation of the law as a scholarly discipline. Studying law with us will provide you with the opportunities to develop analytical, logical and reasoning skills that will assist you in the practice of law, or prove to be invaluable if you choose to follow other associated endeavors.

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