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List of Members of Executive Committee


Name Post Contact No.
F.M. Sazedul Islam Apurbo Convener 01682779139
Dristy Akhter Co-convener 01688141741
Noor  Mohammad  Porosh Member Secretary 01630513787
Nusrat Jahan Asha Treasurer 01750576348


Law Journalism and Photography Club


Chief Advisor: Dean, Faculty of Law (NUB)

Advisor: Md. Abu Rayihan (Lecturer of Law, NUB)

Mob: 01737246038,  E-mail: [email protected]

Club Representative: Md. Kamrul Islam Pappu,

10th Semester,     Mobile: 01521231759


NUB Association of Law and Literature

Advisor: Md. Abu Rayihan (lecturer of Law, NUB)

Mob: 01737246038     E-mail: [email protected]

Club Representative: Durdana Chowdhury (11th Semester)

Mob: 01997259866


Mooting & Debating Club


Club Representative Name: Mr. Yasir Arafat Rabbi

NUB ID.NO. LLB160102964, Member Secretary

Mobile Number: 01552736835


Environment Club

Representative name of Club: Shahadat Hossain

Phone number: 01683-172217


Sports Club


Name of Advisor: Md. Al Amin

Club Convener Name: Abdullah Al Mamun(Id.No LLB150302843)

Phone Number: 01679620033

Club Co-Convener Name : Md. Moner Hossain(Id.No.LLB170270477)

Phone Number: 01845973491

Club Secretary : Shahadat Hossain Roci (Id.NoLLB170303180)

Phone Number: 01683172217


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