As an alumna of the Department of Law of Northern University Bangladesh I take pride over several things of the Department. The curriculum of the University is unique and diverse in many ways. The Department of Law reflects such through its alumni who are currently employed in different job sectors of the country. In NUB while the curriculum focuses on the intellectual development of the students the co-curricular activities enhance the social skills of the students. Also, the great academic profile of the teachers in the Department of Law has played a key role in nurturing the young scholars mind that led the students to experience the legal arena of both national and international sphere. The high intake in the national judiciary, courts, academia and development sectors has proven repeatedly that the Department of Law of Northern University Bangladesh is one of the leading law departments in Bangladesh. I am thankful to the Department of Law for striking the perfect balance between a student friendly and academic environment. My best wishes are always with the Department of Law of Northern University Bangladesh.

Lecturer, Dept. of Law and Human Rights, University of Asia Pacific

I look back on my education at Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) in Department of Law as one of the most valuable experiences of my life. The faculty members in Department of Law truly care about me academically and personally. I will always be in debt to the faculties for many opportunities they afforded me to develop in my personal and professional life.” 

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh . Legal Advisor, Orion Group.

My experience as a student of Law at Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) has provided me with the foundation I needed to further my education. The faculty members in Law Department of NUB were the most encouraging of any faculty I have been associated with throughout my educational experience. I am proud to be a graduate of the LL.B (Hon’s) & LL.M. program of Northern University Bangladesh (NUB).

Advocate, Legal Affairs, Orion Group

To me, Northern University Bangladesh is among a very few private universities in Bangladesh that has given the highest priority in the development of its law department. The result of this prioritisation has been amazing. The Department has already produced a large number of lawyers, practicing successfully both in the subordinate and Apex courts of Bangladesh. Moreover, a good number of NUB law alumni is working as the judges and magistrates in the different courts of Bangladesh. Not only that, the NUB alumni have been teaching in different private Universities of Bangladesh. As an alumnus and former faculty of the Department of Law of NUB, I am optimistic that it will continue to prosper and it will contribute in the development of the legal arena of Bangladesh.

Assistant Professor, Department of Law UAP

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